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note: i appreciate every single comment i get, even if i don't reply! i get afraid of being repetitive, but know that i read what you said and i'm happy you commented!!
what's the sneakiest animal? a spy-der
nuzlocke tumblr: breakfreenuzlocke
personal tumblr: v--tori
art tumblr: atoriv
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Break Free - Pseudo-legendaries

With legendaries being known to cause trouble all around the world since the beginning, many people feared to be defenseless against such power. 

In many regions, the response to that fear was to begin to breed an already powerful species, to perfect its power and endurance in an attempt to match those of an actual legendary.

Said bred species are denominated “Pseudo-legendary” Pokémon, but despite what that name might imply, there hasn’t been a recorded incident of one of those Pokémon defeating a legendary without external help, or without the legendary being injured beforehand.

Despite that, they are still incredibly powerful. Dangerously so, in fact, and getting one of them on modern times is made very difficult, as to prevent misuse of their power.
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Break Free #019
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i wanted to call this a 'memory link' to feel smart but it's the wrong game

idk how well i illustrated this so: Explanation

alright 1st off i have about 0 knowledge about how those grades that are actually letters that are actually percentages work so i just didn't try
so like. okay this is kinda based on my view of grades and im not in the same country as like 90% of people reading this so just

7.0/10 is not a Bad Grade (hence the =) )

this is supposed to imply she's grown up with higher expectations than most. it's not that she wasn't trying, she was, she always does her best, but still it "was not enough".
so it's just. this whole thing of not being "good" at anything. not good enough to be congratulated for it or receive any positive reinforcement.

until battling became a subject

because she did good at that, she was great at that compared to the other kids. and she continued being really good at it throughout the years, even with some missteps - it was finally 'enough'

this is why she's adamant about battling. in her own eyes, it's the only thing that she knows how to do.

and she's been failing at it more, death after death.

this doesn't excuse being careless or refusing to listen to criticism, and i'm not trying to imply it does.
this is showing why she acts that way.

bbbbgbgb that text felt way too serious  Hey i liked drawing those kids they're adorable
and for once i didn't forget cheren's glasses -- this is before he started using them :')
also since this update is super short i got a huge head start on the next one so if i ever need time off or something i have more days to spare :')
Break Free #018
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the sand saga continues....

so, about the thing:
He was the strongest of the team for a while. Just. I Hate Critical Hits

so yeah that's why i got to bella and henry first. because it'd be extra awkward to be "yeah my dog just died let me jsut, catch those two"

Nicholas was boxed because I had caught Henry, and with Henry I wouldn't have two grass types. Bella got in because she was just a good team building pokemon (and i love sandile)

So the team rn is:
Ophi, Nate, Luca, Sasha (Darumaka), Henry (Dwebble), Bella (Sandile)
a full team of 6. only took 4 deaths to get to it.
Break Free #017
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sand: the update

ALRIGHT you are probably asking yourself
1. why were those two boxed when you don't have a full team yet
2. where's the route 4 catch
Answer to both is: I made some changes so we get to those two first and then get to the route 4 catch after because it was kinda awkward the other way around (route 4, desert resort/relic castle, back to route 4 then nimbasa, instead of desert resort/relic castle, route 4 then nimbasa). I'll explain better once we get there :0
and idk if it's clear on the pokeball panel so: bella is the sandile and henry is the dwebble!

OH AND FUN FACT: that pursuit that hit Luca when I was switching him out(because he was low on HP from the Pignite)? It took him down to the red (13hp).
Break Free #016
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14k pixels,,,, save me
i had fun doing the effects for this one!
also, updates may slow down because of school! or they may not. idk. just a heads up!
i didnt have any pun ideas
also i think this is the first journal here so, Yay

ANYWAY! i got tagged in this by :iconjustsnooze: and :iconallycatanii: so!!

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars

NOTE: im not. gonna tag anyone because im nervous about tagging anyone in Anything but if you want to do it, then go ahead!! It's fun :0

  1. She's always been the tallest in her friend group. 
  2. HOWEVER she is scared of heights. When she was smaller she tried to climb a tree, because her friends were climbing trees and hey, let's join the fun, and she discovered that trees are very tall and scary and never again
  3. She chose Snivy mostly because she thinks they're cuter! And because she likes using moves like Leech Seed.
  4. Oshawott was also considered, but since that's what Bianca wanted, she settled with Snivy.
  5. Paz is not very strong physically, and probably can't lift anyone up despite what she may say. She was able to lift up her friends in the past, but they were like, 10, so,
  6. She tried having longer hair once, and she tied it up 99% of the time. She liked how it looked, but prefers short hair.
  7. She didn't get an over-sized jacket on purpose, but ended up loving it, so she kept it!
  8. She wanted to take on the league ever since they had a mock battle in school. She did really well compared to her classmates.

  1. He loves math and anything involving math, but also likes subjects like history. 
  2. N is autistic and uses the void cube he owns to stim.
  3. The void cube itself was a gift from Concordia.
  4. He loves teaching his friends, and if one of them displays an interest on something he's knowledgeable about, he will gladly help them.
  5. For example, Rubik really liked playing around with rubik's cubes (N is not a creative person), and thanks to N he know how to solve them, his only trouble being in the "not having thumbs" department.
  6. His longer hair is more a result of not caring for too long than of vanity. He could cut it, but he doesn't need to, so... whatever.
  7. The only humans he really trusts are Anthea, Concordia, Ghetsis and the sages. Anyone else at Plasma he keeps his distance from, only interacting when necessary.
  8. He hates physical contact with humans. Especially when he doesn't know its coming.


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